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This is your portal to Olly Butters, lucky you.
Here you can find everything about me :)


I work at the University of Liverpool for the National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration North West Coast (NIHR ARC NWC).

Until recently I worked at Newcastle University where I was a senior research associate working on the DataSHIELD project while looking after the 1958 birth cohort genetics data.

Before that I was at The University of Bristol where I worked on a project called ALSPAC where I led a team looking after 25 years worth of birth cohort data and enabled the collection of new data in this world leading study.

I've also worked at the University of Leicester for five years. In that time I worked on a variety of IT/data projects including a bioinformatics infrastructure project (BRISSkit), a geospatial research project (HALOGEN), stuff with SuperWASP (mainly building the public archive), looking after LEDAS, and doing a bit of astronomical research.

If you want to find out my every sordid detail then read my CV (job offers always welcome :)).


For an insight to the real me take a look at my personal page where you can see photos of me and where I have been, as well as other random crap.

Finding me

If you are so inclined you can find me on twitter, GitHub, ORCID or facebook or probably some other places too.